Change of seasons!!!



This change of seasons from Summer to Autumn came early this year. We are still in August and some of us are already considering turning the central heating on or at least not leaving the house without a jumper and umbrella.

This is the hardest seasonal transition there is, going from the heat and openness of the summer to a cold, windy, wet, clouded skies of autumn. Our bodies are moving easier, our houses are warm and suddenly the wind is biting and the rain is slowing us down. But normally this wouldn’t be the case until late September/October. This year it has started already and we are only in August. This transitional shock can affect us in different ways lowering our immune system, affecting sleep patterns. Then we might still have an indian summer (out of season heat wave) which can confuse the body energetic system further.

Best ways I found to deal with this:

  • Acupuncture,
  • massages – not a light one, but not a deep tissue or hot stones just yet.
  • eating well leaving the bulk of salads and fruits to the comfort of warm soups and stews,
  • covering torso – especially front and back of chest, and kidney area,
  • meditation,
  • yoga, tai ch’i, pilates  – leaving the extraneous high impact exercises for next spring,
  • dancing – to keep muscles and tendons supple, blood flowing easily and energy glowing.

In the Five Element Acupuncture system this is the Late Summer, time for harvest of the ripen matured fruits and grains. The season of the Earth Element with its nurturing qualities. Here we start preparing for the colder, wet months. The Earth Element commands the Spleen and the Stomach helping in the processing of food, thoughts and emotions.

I also make sure my chakras are well balanced and aligned at this time. Well I do this all the time anyway, but in strong seasonal transitions like this I keep reminding myself of how easy is to get ungrounded, confused. So a good, strong, deep Root Chakra that will keep me transitioning with the seasons and not fighting against it wanting to be in warm of the past (summer) or already worrying about the cold of the future (autumn/winter). My Sacral Chakra is flexible and moving so I can follow the changes and let nature guide me – in this dance I am following! And of course my Heart constantly reminding me that all this will pass as nothing stays as it is, telling me to be gentle and enjoy the new season and its gifts.

Now from my Heart to Yours: be gentle. What you might not be able to carry on doing now, you might be able to start again next year when Spring and Summer comes around again.

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