Hayfever is out and about already!

Bali 13 - the grounds


Hi everyone, Hayfever has been out and about now. With the mild winter we have just had and the cooler temperatures the pollen have been a bit slow on the up and it is flying around so much yet. This is the best time to start preventing it affecting you, if you haven’t yet.


  • I always recommend good local produced organic honey. This is now much easier to find, and a tea spoon in the morning and one before bedtime daily it is very effective. You can also use it on your herbal tea, but remember to wait until the tea is at drinking temperature before adding the honey.
  • A healthy diet with lots of fresh salads.
  • I also cover my bed with a light sheet and carefully remove it before getting ready to bed so any pollen collected there during the day will be trapped. I also never re-use that sheet before washing it. Yes, it does increase the washing load, but I prefer it to suffer during the night.
  • And of course, last but not least, have some treatment – acupuncture is my thing. Regular visits at this time of the year can improve your immune system.

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