Acupuncture and Wellness

Health Rooted in Spirit

  by Charlie Carter

Welcome to my acupuncture and wellness practice! Both Five Element Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese healing system dating back many thousands of years, and Chakra Therapy aim to balance the flow of energy within, working on the body, mind and spirit. They address the energy’s imbalance, which lies at the root of all physical disorders and conditions of emotional distress. For that, it is fundamental to understand the development of the person’s energy since birth, by taking a detailed history – physical, emotional and energetic – in order to design the best treatment to address the cause and not the symptoms. The body tells us a story using symptoms to communicate, thus trying to eliminate the symptoms without looking at their meaning is like reading the back cover of a book and believing to have understood it.

In my over 20 years experience in helping people with so many different complaints I have learnt that a healthy status is the one that encompasses all aspects of our lives. Of course, we can simply have our physical pain and dysfunctions sorted but the richness of a happy fulfilled life comes when we know who we are and how we created or allowed situations to develop that affect us. Being aware of them can be the most powerful tool to protect us against all the challenges life may throw in our way. Hence acupuncture and wellness being my focus at work.

I am originally from Brazil and have been practising acupuncture since 1999. I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council and adhere to its code of practice and ethics. I have also qualified as a Spiritual Healer from the International School of Healing and Spiritual Development, and have been practising Chakra Therapy since 2009.

Due to Covid-19 situation I had to close my clinics in London. So now I am only working in Aberystwyth, Wales.