About me

About me

I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil, where I was a journalist working on a weekly news magazine. In 1989 I decided to come to London to learn Mime and Physical Theatre, which I did for a couple of years until a mild injury forced me to stop. Through this injury I came in contact with the Five Element Acupuncture system, which helped me enormously not only with the injury but also transforming the way I perceived myself and the world around me. I felt stronger and more in control of my life and my body than I ever had before, and that inspired me to study acupuncture myself, so that I could help others in the same transformative way.

I graduated in 1999 from the School of Five Element Acupuncture, SOFEA, in London and have been a practitioner ever since. Soon after graduation I was invited to join the team of tutors and the academic board of the school. There I acquired teaching experience and oversaw many practitioners as they completed their training.

Then I noticed that not all benefited from acupuncture and sometimes it would help alleviate symptoms but not really touch the cause of the dis-harmony. I started to question how could I understand more about trauma and injuries. How could I have a deeper and meaningful conversation with my patient’s energy? I knew achieving that would help bring even greater healing possibilities. I then embarked on my own spiritual self-development journey with Dr. Brenda Davies, a healer and consultant psychiatrist who teaches spirituality all over the world. This led me to do further training and to graduate from Dr. Davies’s International School of Healing and Spiritual Development.

Currently, I am the UK tutor in the International School of Healing and Spiritual Development.  As a passionate believer in continuous development and training I regularly attend Advanced Training sessions with Dr. Davies, learning new techniques and honing my current skills, deepening my understanding of  energy development and its interaction with the physical body.

I am a full member of the British Acupuncture Council, and adhere to its code of practice and ethics.