Chakra Therapy






Chakra Therapy seeks to re-balance and re-energize by clearing the chakra system of the body. The treatment is designed to empower and stimulate awareness of one’s own energy and history. Hopefully it will also help one to understand one’s own body / mind / spirit with compassion and integrity, creating the potential for a more fulfilling life.

Each chakra – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown -, develops as the person grows up completing a full cycle every 30 years. Any trauma, imbalance, disruption stay imprinted in the energy, very much like a scratch on a old music vinyl. If these imprints are not properly healed and cleared then later on in life it will be the major trigger for illnesses, blocking the energy flow. By looking into these triggers, re-framing them, forgiving what needs to be forgiven and hopefully arriving at a place of compassion for oneself and others, then the flow will be re-established aiding the recovery of symptoms and conditions.

 Follow-ups and frequency is decided at the end of each session, depending on what is needed for the patient to reach their full potential.

What happens in the session?

In order to understand and work more effectively, I will take a full personal and medical history, starting with early memories from childhood up to the present, sometimes including stories your parents tell about pregnancy and babyhood, and also family history and stories – nothing is irrelevant. This will cover the emotional and physical history as accurately as possible. I will then examine the patient’s energetic field, in order to understand fully their energies and symptoms. Once a full examination has been done, treatment will take different forms depending on what is needed.

How do people feel afterwards?

Generally, people comment on how relaxed and peaceful they feel. At the end of each session it will be decided if a follow-up treatment is necessary. You will be expected to do some homework.

Anything else you need to know?

If you are taking any prescribed medication or are receiving any particular medical treatment, you should not stop it without being reassessed first by your physician.

The initial session lasts about 2 hours and any follow-ups will take about one hour.